Guest Talks & Panels
  • British Computer Society Open Source SG: Musical Software and Hardware, Guest Speaker: 'Female Laptop Orchestra', London, UK, Jan 2018
  • World Stage Design 2017, Listen Hear, Guest Speaker: 'Female Laptop Orchestra', Taipei, Taiwan, Jul 2017
  • Music Tech Fest Paris, Guest Speaker: ’G.Hack/ FLO’, Paris, France, Nov 2014
  • SoundSoftware 2014: Third Workshop on Software and Data for Audio and Music Research, Guest Speaker: ’Learning Web Audio API with G.Hack’, London, UK, Jul 2014
  • SONAR 2014, Panel Chair: 'Women Hackers: Cyberfeminism, hacktivism, open culture and free tech education’, Barcelona, Spain, Jun 2014
  • FLOSSIE 2013, Guest Speaker: ’Building communities’, London, UK, Nov 2013
  • World Stage Design 2013, Listen Hear, Guest Speaker: ’Scan it, lock it, tilt it, shake it, throw it’, Cardiff, Wales, Sep 2013
  • Campus Party Europe, Guest Speaker:’Collaborative music-making in the 21st century’/ Guest Panelist: ‘Attracting and retaining the next Hedy Lamarr in Tech’, London, UK, Aug 2013
  • Computer Weekly, Guest Speaker: ’What can you do to make a difference to the future of IT?’, London, UK, Jul 2013
  • Maker Faire, Guest Speaker ‘G.Hack’, London, UK Jul 2013
  • PG Conference EECS, Judging Panel, QMUL, London, UK, Jun 2013
  • The Thursday Club, Panel Chair: ‘The Girls Hacking Club presents a 'Women in technology’, London, UK, Nov 2012
  • Creative Works London, Guest Speaker: 'Women in digital economy' roundtable, London, UK, Nov 2012
  • University of Kent, Guest Sound Artist, UK, Nov 2012
  • Campus Party Berlin, Guest Speaker: ’Help! We need sound!’/ Guest Panelist: ‘The work of art at the age of digital reproduction’, Berlin, Germany, Aug 2012
  • PG Conference EECS, Keynote Speaker/ Judging panel, QMUL, London, UK, Jun 2012
  • FLOSSIE 2012, Guest Speaker: ’G.Hack and WISE - Making it happen @ QMUL’, London, UK, May 2012
  • Digital Shoreditch Festival 2012: Innovate, Guest Panelist: ‘Women in tech: A forum for solutions’, London, UK, May 2012
  • London Hopper Colloquium, Guest Speaker: ‘G.Hack’, London, UK, May 2012
  • Silicon Valley Comes To The UK: Technology Entrepreneurship Round-table, Guest Speaker ‘G.Hack’, QMUL, London, UK, Nov 2011
  • Staffordshire University, Guest Sound Artist, Staffordshire, UK, Oct 2009
  • Yale School of Drama, International Guest Sound Artist, New Haven, US, Mar 2009
  • United States Institute for Theatre Technology (USITT), International Guest Sound Artist, Cincinnati, US, Mar 2009
Presenting Research
  • BCS-HCI 2013, Presenting paper 'Examining the Use of Thematic Analysis as a Tool for Informing Design of New Family Communication Technologies’, Uxbridge, UK, Sep 2013
  • BCS-HCI 2013, Organizing workshop 'From Research to Design: Challenges of Qualitative Data Representation and Interpretation in HCI’, Uxbridge, UK, Sep 2013
  • London Hopper Colloquium, Presenting research, London, UK, May 2013
  • BCS Doctoral Consortium, Presenting research, London, UK, May 2013
  • LCCS PhD Conference 2013: Methodological Choices and Challenges, Presenting research, London, UK, Apr 2013
  • 2nd European Gender Summit, Presenting 'Girls Who Hack are Awesome' as part of the virtual Gender Summit Exhibition, European Parliament, Brussels, Belgium, Nov 2012
  • DESIRE’11 Conference, Presenting paper ‘Supporting Communication Between Parents and Primary School Children with the Use of Technology' at Doctoral Consortium, Eindhoven, Netherlands, Oct 2011
Organizing Conferences & Events
  • FLOSSIE 2013, London, UK, Nov 2013
  • FLOSSIE 2012, London, UK, May 2012
  • SC.symposium 2012, Finalist of Times Higher Education Awards 2012, category ‘Excellence and Innovation in the Arts’, London, UK, Apr 2012
  • Open Source Career Taster Days, Collaboration between FLOSSIE and BCSWomen, London, UK, May 2013
  • Floss Talent - Women’s Career Taster, Collaboration between FLOSSIE and The National Museum of Computing, Bletchley Park, UK, Nov 2012