About me

I am an award-winning technologist, sonic interaction designer, researcher and educator with a background in classical music, jazz, sonic arts, engineering and human-computer Interaction.

In 2006, I started my creative sound practice, composing and designed sound & interaction for mobile applications, contemporary theatre, dance, video, film, documentaries and interactive installations ever since. My sound work has travelled across Canada, Italy, Brazil, Spain, Czech Republic, England, Scotland, US, Germany, Turkey,  and Taiwan as part of award-winning projects and exhibitions.

In 2011, I started G.Hack project, an arts & technology lab for researchers at Queen Mary University of London. From 2011-2016, G.Hack exhibited interactive audio-visual installations, participated in technology panels and organised technology workshops at conferences, symposiums and events nationally and internationally. 

In 2013, I received a prestigious Highly Commended WISE Leader Award from HRH The Princess Royal, for my leadership of G.Hack project.

In 2014, I started FLO project with the aim of bringing together an eclectic group of female musicians, composers and sound artists who use technology as part of their artistic practice and want to explore co-located and distributed collaborative music making within different contexts and across different geographical locations.

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